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Why You Should Choose a Quality Web Design Firm in Niagara falls

There are many reasons why you should choose a quality web design firm in Niagara Falls, and it starts with the fact that companies and businesses today will have a hard time surviving without an online presence. And while you can create a website, hiring the services of a professional is more practical.

What Professional Designers Can Do for You

The biggest reason why you should choose a professional service like Linx Web Design Niagara Falls is they know the current trends and what layout will work best for your website. You simply can’t choose a template from the various free services online and upload your content, because it won’t look right and just be derivative. In the hands of a good designer, you’ll get a customized layout that fits your exact specifications.

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Maintenance, Repair and Upkeep

The other reason why you should choose a quality web design firm in Niagara Falls, ON is the technical and customer support they’ll provide. Once your website has been setup, it will need regular maintenance and upkeep. Doing this on your own will take time and if you’re running on online retail shop, you can’t afford any downtime. What if a major problem occurs or you are attacked by a hacker? By hiring a professional designer you’ll never have to worry about the site going down at the most inopportune time.

Integration with Other Media

The key to success lies in the integration of various marketing tools, and this is something a professional web designer can and will provide. These days web design companies do more than just design websites as they also provide marketing advice, logo and graphic design and social media integration. While social media is very much in the in-thing nowadays, it cannot stand alone and requires a website to succeed.

Integrating all of these in your website is a huge and complex task, to say nothing of updating the content. Add the aforementioned need for maintenance and you’ll have your hands full, but with the aid of a designer like Linx, this won’t be a problem anymore.

Local Web Design Trends in 2014

Knowing the local Ontario web design trends is necessary if you want to maintain contact with your market and consumer base. While content is all important, the way you present them is just as critical because poorly presented data won’t interest anyone. And just as web technology changes, so do the trends.

Fancier Typography


In the past, the rule was to use simple typography but that’s no longer the case now as more and more websites are using fancier typography. Rather than use standard fonts like Helvetica, fancy fonts are in as they have personality. This trend is picking up steam and has caught on in Ontario, so it’s something designers ought to look into.

Hero Areas

The hero area is the “intro” area of a website, with some text at the top of the site. The hero area may consist of a blurred background image with text in the middle or something more elaborate. Simple or fancy, it’s become one of the hottest trends in web design today as research shows they grab people’s attention. While simple hero areas are common, it seems like fancier hero areas are more likely to become the norm.

Increased Focus on Mobile

To nobody’s surprise, more and more companies are now concentrating on mobile devices as their use continues to expand. This doesn’t mean websites should abandon the desktop and laptop, but rather develop a separate mobile site to accommodate these users. Studies have shown that more and more people are relying on mobile devices to conduct product research so it’s no wonder this has become a trend.

Videos and Streaming Media

Surveys have shown that websites are increasingly more reliant on videos, and it makes sense. There’s no question that text is still important, but why read it when you can watch it? Videos have a way of capturing users’ attention far more effectively than before, so this trend will carry on.

Finally, no discussion of local Ontario web design trends will be complete without mentioning scrolling websites. This designed was condemned in the past but now with better layout and spacing, it’s become popular again and welcomed by many users.